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Rapid Response Measurement (RRM) is a general assessment method that rapidly captures responses to stimuli such as adjectives.  Stimuli appear on the screen one after another and the respondent is asked to quickly make a dichotomous (yes/no; like me/not like me) response.  RRM then captures the response along with the response latency to compute a score for the construct.

Validity information for the RRM for personality can be found in:

Meade, A. W., Pappalardo, G., Braddy, P. W., & Fleenor, J. W. (2020). Rapid response measurement: Development of a faking resistant assessment method for personality. Organizational Research Methods, 23, 181-207.


  • Extremely fast
  • Faking resistant
  • Novel and engaging format
  • Customizable – Create your own RRM to measure whatever you like
  • Easy – Download data in both trait score and raw data formats

Find out more about RRM here

PerSight Assessments has agreed to host a free version of the RRM for academic researchers.  To get started, complete the request form below and email to awmeade@ncsu.edu.

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