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The FreeIAT was created to provide a free, open-source alternative to commercial software used to administer the Implicit Association Test. The FreeIAT is intended for Psychologists and others with professional training.

The program only runs on desktops after installation. It cannot run via the internet.

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  • Highly customizable
  • The prompt-driven set-up makes it easy to get your IAT up and running quickly
  • Administer either text or images
  • Scoring using Greenwald, Nosek, and Banaji (2003) D algorithm
  • Two output files: One with full raw data and one with only scores
  • Open Visual Basic source code for those inclined to tinker

Screenshots of the FreeIAT: (click to enlarge)

The IAT in Action
Setting Up the IAT
The Output


Citing the FreeIAT:  Meade, A. W. (2009). FreeIAT: An open-source program to administer the implicit association test. Applied Psychological Measurement, 33, 643.